Berco’s new aftermarket business to start operations in October

Following the change in strategic direction announced in July, Berco announced the formation of “Berco Aftermarket Srl”, a new company dedicated to serving the global aftermarket.

The new company will serve all countries except North America, which will be covered by Berco USA and 100% owned by Berco SpA

Berco Aftermarket Srl said that as a spin-off of its existing business, Berco Aftermarket Srl will focus on providing replacement parts services to take customer satisfaction to a new level.

“We are at an exciting time for Berco and our new aftermarket company is an important milestone on our road ahead,” said Piero Bruno, CEO of Berco SpA. “We are renowned in the field for high quality and high performance original Equipment marking is about to move to the replacement parts industry. This, in turn, will benefit our entire global dealer network.”

The establishment of this new organization is a cautious step forward for the Berco Group, part of ThyssenKrupp, and will strengthen aftermarket activities and contribute to the Group’s growth strategy.

Its success will be based on increased flexibility in production and product lifecycle management, which will ultimately strengthen Berco as a proactive player in the replacement parts space.

“By expanding our lead support for aftermarket customers, we will also increase customer satisfaction and thus increase sales growth within the group,” added Bruno.

The new company will place greater emphasis on product availability, place customer service at the heart of its supply chain concept, and aim to achieve the highest level of service.

The new concept will increase the efficiency of the replacement business and put more emphasis on real-time collaboration with the company’s dealer network. This is thanks to a dedicated aftermarket team.

At the same time, Berco Aftermarket Srl plans to significantly expand its current product portfolio – well beyond its existing service line – to include additional chassis-related components.

The company said the company’s line of high-quality products for the mining industry – the Platinum Line – will likewise continue to grow, serving customers in this traditionally strong Berco segment.

To further facilitate accessibility and meet customer requirements, the new company will operate its own warehouse in Interporto, Bologna. There, Berco Aftermarket will work with Gruber Logistics, a specialist transport company for the transport of heavy and special goods worldwide. The warehouse will offer 700 SKUs with a minimum stock level of over 6,000 tonnes on 12,000 square meters.

Diego Buffoni, Managing Director of Berco Aftermarket Srl, said: “By offering our customers a broad product portfolio and world-class service, Berco Aftermarket Srl aims to be the market-leading company in replacement parts. Therefore, benefiting from our unique of our dealer network, which we expect to grow by 50% over the next few years.”

The new organization is located near Copparo, where Berco SpA was established and currently has its main factory. The company said that while the Copparo factory would continue to be the main source of the company’s renowned original equipment production and R&D facilities, Bologna provided Berco Aftermarket Srl with the ideal place to thrive in the replacement parts business.

The new dedicated warehouse for the aftermarket in Bologna will act as a buffer between the world’s largest landing gear factory (Copparo) and the company’s dealers, which require flexibility and short deliveries when sourcing from Berco’s product range time.

“This will ensure significantly faster delivery of purchases to our customers’ premises – critical for aftermarket demand and the recently launched e-commerce business,” the company said.

Berco Aftermarket Srl will start operations in October, coinciding with the start of the parent company’s new financial year.

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