Caixing Technology has formed a strategic partnership with the Global Digital Club, focusing on the digital economy of Metaverse

New York, September 5 May 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ColorStar Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) (“ColorStar” or the “Company”), an entertainment technology company with a global network focused on technology and artificial intelligence in entertainment Industry applications, recently signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement with Global. Digital Club (“GDC”).From now on, the focus of this cooperation will focus on the digital economy of Metaverse, and the two parties will jointly develop a series of related digital businesses. [Color World_Metaverse].

The Global Digital Club is a world-renowned professional digital investment club whose members include global elites and executives from leading global companies. GDC holds major industry summits every year, and regularly organizes membership invitation meetings to more accurately and effectively promote the globalization of the digital economy, provide the industry with the most accurate and representative prospect analysis, and help corporate members establish effective cooperation with each other.As the authority of the digital economy industry, Caixing and GDC will use their respective advantages and resources to actively cooperate on the Metaverse platform [Color World_Metaverse]linking related NFTs, metaverses, and other related content together.

Caixing CEO, Farhan Kadir Said: “Caixing has always regarded intelligent intelligence as the core of its technology, while continuing to develop the entertainment metaverse, we hope to further develop more industrial content, digital economy and artificial intelligence, because they will definitely bring profit to the company. Development. The cooperation with GDC will not only allow us to go further in the digital economy, but also allow Caixing to attract more partners, which is a very good thing. Next, we will cooperate with more enterprises Organizational cooperation indicates that the future development of Caixing will be more diversified and comprehensive, bringing more guaranteed benefits to our partners and investors.”

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