City to host Business 51 conference

By Gazette staff

Stevens Point – The City of Stevens Point will host a public meeting on Business 51 on October 15th. 6.

Business 51
The purpose of the meeting is to review what has been done to date and address questions about alternatives. Stevens City Point Image

“We will have representatives from AECOM, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and city staff,” said Cape Stevens Mayor Mike Viza. “After speaking with many business owners and residents along this corridor, we will briefly introduce our location in the design, and then we’ll have some time to answer questions and answers about where we can and can’t go from here.”

“After a binding referendum passed by 31 votes in August, the council approved additional costs for this meeting. For any transportation costs over $1 million, the City must now hold a public vote prior to construction. This includes the entire The city’s regular, annual road projects, and any special needs for development, mass transit, rail or aviation,” a city press release said.

The meeting will be held in October. 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the SPASH Auditorium, 1201 North Point Avenue, Stevens Point.

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