Do not. 2 Georgia handles business against Sanford

Regardless, the Bulldogs had a hard time impressing pollsters with their Southern Conference visitors. But Georgia made little difference to a 30-0 halftime lead on three field goals and three touchdowns. And when Bennett sacked a 17-yard sack in the third quarter to miss a 54-yard field goal, Georgia had only the second empty possession of the ball.

Bennett’s day ended prematurely again. He made 24 of 34 shots for 300 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 touchdown rushing.

Carson Baker took over at 2:34 of the third quarter, and the situation was similar. His first offensive series ended with a 25-yard field goal. It was the fourth day of a day in Podresny.

Georgia’s defense is truly different. It gave up 0 points in 23 games in the first half, trailing for the first time for just 59 yards. As the Bulldogs posted their third game of the season — a hit from Dan Jackson and a first-quarter fumble recovery from Savian Sorey — Georgia had the first half of its past 17 games. Suspended eight times.

The rest of the game — including the fourth quarter being cut to 12 minutes per head coach’s agreement — was a blur of pointless possessions and plenty of substitutions. The Bulldogs dressed 100 players and played against most of them. However, in the grand scheme of a long season, this shared workload can be beneficial.

But the highlights that were so prevalent in Georgia a week ago won’t be on Saturday night.

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