DVIDS – NEWS – MRDC/USAMMDA Presents Latest Military Health Care Technologies at DoD’s Premier Health Technology and Research Symposium

The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Event (USAMMDA) showcased an in-house prototype of the Army’s only Joint Light Tactical Vehicle ambulance and its plans to improve automation, compliance, efficiency, and and other techniques for data analysis, FL, today through Thursday.

During the symposium, officials said the products demonstrate the level of care currently received by service members and the future of role 1-3 care, as well as tools to improve hospital planning and management of data systems. Other technologies on display include a health readiness and performance system and a canine thermal model system, a wearable device to monitor the physiology of troop and military working dogs.

“Our program management office is demonstrating the state-of-the-art technology at MHSRS, from suits, kits and gear used by combat medical personnel to new digital and automated technologies to improve post-evacuation communication and hospital planning,” said the colonel. Andy Nuce, USAMMDA Commander: “With the help of our partners and stakeholders, USAMMDA is committed to translating research findings into field products that can be used in medically prepared troops.”

“It’s about gathering constructive feedback and building partnerships,” he said.

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