Expert warns of minor tech addiction cases

Secondary technology and new technology are almost the same. According to the National Technology and Society Observatory, 98% of children aged 10 to 15 use the Internet regularly. Seven in 10 minors own their own mobile phone. The pandemic has also accelerated the implementation of technological measures, such as virtual classrooms, that affect the education system and minors, families and much Now experts are deeply concerned about addiction Mobile devices for minors.

It is summer now, and many families living in the city are coming to the city for their summer vacation. There, the kids meet their summer friends whom they haven’t seen all year round. Six of them were on city streets, and five had mobile phones. All connected but silent. Girl without phone looks over her shoulder at friend’s screen but Of course he’s boringThe educational psychologist Mari Carmen Deez described the scene: “The girl read a lot and went to theatres and museums with her parents, so she They are offering other more cultural and broader possibilities. Of course, you don’t have that diversity in the city. ”

Tomas Canto, a child psychiatrist at the Doctors Hospital of Balmis, explained Addiction comes when there is no choice: “More personalization through technological entertainment. If minors seek rewarding activities and have no other choice, Replace one activity with anotherFor example, addiction occurs when you engage in inappropriate behavior that means leaving the relationship. ”

The Minister of Health himself has stated that technology addiction is a problem: “We are seeing more suicide attempts in the 14-18 age group than we have seen, which is very disturbing. There is a sense of alienation and obsession with new technologies. , we don’t see society reacting in a logical way.

Diaz also noted that the responsibility rests with adults: “Younger children are more vulnerable to cell phones and They have fewer weapons to protect themselves, so he accepted them openly. His parents are examples. Some adults came to WhatsApp to express their condolences. It’s not the children’s fault. ”

One possible solution, educational psychologists point out, is to focus more on minors. ,You have to spend time with minors and not lose touch, even teens who don’t want to talk to their parents., do not leave them in the hands of the machine. It’s about being a father. In the case of Canto, he talked about the workaround: “Technology is neither good nor bad.Pick up their phone when they get a call, I’m worried they’re moving because they have no choice. It’s not the use of video games or communication devices, they’re the only options for doing nothing.

The advent of technology is irreversible, says the child psychiatrist: “It has grown like a ball and now we are more aware that we are in the phase of finding solutions. We need alternatives that are readily available and cheap if possibleDiaz also pointed out that this is not against technology, but against technology keep limits: “I use my computer and phone myself, which is related to overuse. Children’s use of technology should be regulated Although it’s more uncomfortable than giving them a cell phone. ”

Both experts agree that this is not necessarily going back to the past, but adopting the present and motivating children to do activities: “No child wants to read by themselves. On the other hand, if teachers are enthusiastic about literature, children can also like themselves. …but it’s not boring, it doesn’t look like crap.”

In fact, child psychotherapists place less emphasis on video games and more on other types of content that minors can access without filtering: “We already know that anyone who plays violent video games is violent. It doesn’t happen. … instead, Text messages from TikTok or Instagram change reality, they give them unfiltered information about what the world is or what reality is, and information of an obscene nature. The beliefs and values ​​that make up the world used to depend on your home, friends and school, but now also depend on the internet. The question is, in which one should I live longer? If the answer is dummy, that would be my biggest impression,

Canto also emphasizes This generation of minors has not lost skills such as patience Or attract attention just because they’re young: “Biologically, they have the same potential, Only now is it possible to get your phone out, before you had to suffer from boredom, I think it’s a matter of supply and demand. If you only have one show to watch, you swallow it, and if you have Netflix, you go around and see nothing. Children are no exception. ”

Educational psychologists also advocate activities that promote children’s interactions with other children:Finding a group of people is important for children, Now many people live school and family life. If parents suggest that they spend a little time in the park and expand their communication, they will do it, and these meetings are convenient for us. Even events like christenings, weddings and parties are suitable for us. If we don’t socialize, we’ll end up shutting down,

Canto further states, “In general, sports are good, especially team sports and those that help improve self-control, such as kickboxing.The key, he stressed, is to have fun: “If you sign up and you’re bored on days three to four, you don’t want to leave. We adults know that believing doesn’t guarantee action. Doctors may Will tell you that you have to lose weight and you have confidence as a patient and there are no guarantees. Are there fun educational activities for kids and teens? In a city where everything is 15 minutes away, everything is easy, Maybe in a city like Alicante it’s not that easy. If your friends are not within a 10 or 15 minute radius, how are you going to meet them?”

The child psychiatrist emphasises that it’s all about teaching: “You have to do the job of teaching and learning, but have options so as not to be left as a last resort.”

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