Georgia Tech Authority Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Earlier today, the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) appointed Dmitry Kagansky as the state’s new chief technology officer, officially replacing longtime chief technology officer Steve Nichols.

Last month, Nichols announced he would step down on August 2. On the 31st, he ended his 20-year tenure at the agency with a stint at Gartner Consulting.

Meanwhile, Kagansky has been working with the GTA since September 2021 as the state’s first chief cloud officer and deputy executive director, overseeing the state’s migration efforts.

“Dmitri’s experience and vision are a perfect fit for the future direction of the GTA,” said GTA executive director and state chief information officer Shawnzia Thomas in a release. “He is well positioned to lead our enterprise’s migration of national applications to the cloud, a transition critical to ensuring our ability to provide safe, reliable technology services to the nation.”

Prior to working with GTA, Kagansky worked at Amazon Web Services for over four years, helping state agencies implement and migrate to the cloud. He also served as Executive Vice President of Development for Star2Star Communications and Federal Chief Technology Officer for Quest Software.

“We want to connect institutions with the technologies that best advance their businesses,” Kagansky said in a release. “Rather than restricting them to some limited range of services we promise, we want to ask institutions, ‘What do you need?'”

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