House Oversight Committee reaches deal with Trump over financial records

In a press release following the filing, the committee claimed the deal meant Mazars, the former president’s accounting firm, would turn over Trump’s financial records, but the document did not specify the terms of the settlement.

The committee first subpoenaed Trump’s financial records in April 2019, sparking a long-running debate over the documents.

House Oversight Committee Chair Caroline Maloney said in a news release: “After numerous court victories, I am pleased that my committee has now reached an agreement to secure what former President Trump has been hiding from Congress for years. key financial documents.”

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“After facing years of delaying tactics, the committee has now reached an agreement with the former president and his accounting firm, Mazars USA, to obtain key documents. These documents will inform the committee’s efforts to identify ex-President Trump’s egregious conduct and secure future presidents There will be no abuse of power for personal gain,” Maloney added.

“Under the committee’s agreement, former President Trump has agreed not to appeal the DC Circuit decision, and Mazars USA has agreed to abide by the court’s order and file a response with the committee as soon as possible,” a press release from the committee said.

Court documents said the two sides reached an agreement on Aug. 30.

This story has been updated with more information.

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