Lansing Neogen merges with 3M’s food safety business

Rendering of the proposed three-story Neogen Manufacturing and Research Building in Lansing.

Lansing — Neogen Corp., a biotechnology company operating in Lansing for 40 years, announced the completion of a merger with the food safety business of multinational conglomerate 3M.

The deal was first announced in December 2021 and was announced Thursday as closing.

According to Neogen’s website, the merger means Neogen will significantly expand its offering of food safety products, particularly in the areas of indicator testing and pathogen detection, to complement its existing line of microbiology products.

“This is the beginning of a new era for all of us at Neogen as we come together to create a Innovative leaders.”

Neogen scientist Debra Foti tested egg samples for Salmonella at the company's Allen Street laboratory in 2010.  Neogen recently acquired a Brazilian pesticide manufacturer.

Neogen said the merger will not have a direct impact on the operations of the two companies or how customers interact with them.

As part of the terms of the merger agreement, Neogen’s board of directors will appoint two additional directors, increasing the number of board members to 10.

Under the terms of the merger involving a tax-exempt “reverse Morris trust” structure, existing Neogen shareholders will continue to own approximately 49.9% of the combined company, and 3M shareholders will receive approximately 50.1% of the combined company. Consolidate press releases.

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