Lexicala Introduces New Multilingual Vocabulary Data Solution for Language Technology Industry

Lexicala has won its first deal from a leading international company to supply parallel corpora for its machine translation systems

Tel Aviv, Israel, September May 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lexicala, a content provider for language service providers, has launched a new multilingual lexical data solution for the language technology industry and academic research.

These solutions feature expert parallel corpora, domain classification, morphology, text annotation, and other high-quality cross-lingual resources for natural language processing (NLP) tasks.

Lexicala’s methods and datasets support limitless ways to extract components and apply them to machine translation, spell checking, speech recognition, semantic technology, knowledge management, language learning, and online dictionaries.

Lexicala serves all languages, including translation, classification, annotation, alignment, and other NLP applications.Its parallel corpus has recently been Asian Top-notch information technology is integrated into its neural machine translation system.

As part of the agreement, Lexicala provides over 250,000 sentence pairs to train machine learning models and improve the performance of translation engines.

The parallel corpus includes usage examples from dictionary entries between the desired Asian and European languages, developed by combining human-created content with intelligent data-generation methods, followed by thorough manual labor of each sentence pair by local language experts manage.

“The transaction with such a global leader demonstrates Lexicala’s ability to provide the highest quality cross-lingual lexical data supported by automated processes and refined by professional linguists and translators,” said Elan Knaman, CEO of Lexicala, K Dictionary. “This marks our company’s transition into the NLP world and shows that we are ready to serve the language technology community well.”

Lexicala’s expert-level parallel corpus resources contain millions of sentences in more than 20 languages, including low-resource combinations.

The company will showcase its new products at these upcoming events:

  • LITHMI WG1 Workshop on Computational Linguistics, September 5-6, Luxembourg
  • Semantics – LTI 2022, September 13-15, Vienna, Austria
  • dream 2022, September 21-22, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • TAUS large multilingual conference and exposition, October 11-13, San Jose, California
  • Cool 2022, October 12-17Gyeongju, South Korea

About Lexicala

Lexicala provides expert resources for machine translation and other NLP applications, with multilingual lexical data solutions for 50 languages.

Lexicala is the trade name for K Dictionaries, a global leader in creating cross-lingual data resources, founded in 1993.

For more information, please visit: https://lexicala.com.


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Marketing director
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