LG hosts immersive event to showcase new refrigerator with MOODUP technology

LG partners with NTS Radio to host ‘Mixing Moods’ party to celebrate innovative new refrigerator

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, September 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) is throwing a big party Berlin Share the brilliance of its new MoodUP™ technology, unveiled today at IFA 2022. Hosted in partnership with global online radio station and media platform NTS Radio, the event will present inspiring, emotion-driven experiences around LG’s latest kitchen innovations. With its revolutionary color-changing LED door panels, LG’s latest refrigerator with MoodUP technology offers unparalleled interior design flexibility and new ways to create stylish, integrated kitchens.

dubbing note + tone, the party will allow guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and enjoy the multiple moods and bold colors of the new refrigerator. NTS Radio will provide music that syncs the tone of each track to the changing colors and moods of the LED door panels, while LG will offer cocktails that match the different hues and artist-created themes of its game-changing refrigerator.

Taking inspiration from the creative potential of the new refrigerator with MoodUP technology, note + tone The event will showcase three different themes: roots, iceland and Sky By mixing colors, sounds and flavors. ‘Roots’ will mix warm, natural tones, reggae and jazz, and flavours like whisky and smoky, while ‘Sky’ will include bright, bold tones, glossy electronica, and rum, mango and bitters The taste of mugwort. The dynamic installation of a refrigerator with MoodUP technology will prompt mood changes throughout the night. If the color palette of the refrigerator changes, so will the colors and lighting in the space, the genre of music in the DJ, and the flavors on the cocktail menu.

In addition to meeting new refrigerators and enjoying delicious handcrafted drinks using MoodUP technology, guests at the event will also listen to great music in the evening, with themed episodes choreographed by NTS and featuring talented DJs Eva Geist, mobilegirl, Slim Soledad and Zaki Asia. note + tone The evening kicked off at CAN September 3.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to see how easy it is to change refrigerator colors or themes using the LG ThinQ™ app. What’s more, they’ll even receive special cocktails that match their favorite MoodUP looks.

“The new refrigerator with MoodUP technology is a highly evolved home appliance that can change color and improve the kitchen environment according to the user’s mood,” said Lu Zaizhe, President of LG Electronics Home Appliances and Air Solutions Company. “We are delighted to be partnering with NTS on this exciting event. Their use of a wide range of genres and sounds makes them the perfect partner to showcase the many moods and tones of the refrigerator using MoodUP technology.”

During IFA 2022, the new refrigerator with MoodUP technology will be on display at the LG booth (Messe 18, Berlin) (September 2-6) exist Berlin, Germany.

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