LSU vs. Florida State scoring: Live game updates, college football scoring, today’s NCAA top 25 highlights

As the penultimate game of Week 1 draws to a close, Florida State leads LSU 17-10 after three-quarter play in New Orleans. FSU quarterback Jordan Travis had a 27-yard strike with Ontario Wilson — who had a superb one-handed catch near the tower — to make it two runs halfway through the frame. That game included a target call on star LSU linebacker Ali Gay, who hit QB Jayden Daniels with a blatant helmet-to-helmet, which left Gay packing for the rest of the night.

However, LSU recovered the cost. The Tigers started an 82-yard drive with the help of a 30-yard penalty, but Noah Kane ended the game with a 1-yard drop on the fourth goal. That game was the first time LSU looked like a capable offense, and the purple and gold crowd came alive as both teams entered the final inning.

Daniels has been running for his life on a Seminole defense that lives in the backcourt. The pressure has relegated Daniels to a “read-and-go” quarterback, which has prevented him from finding receivers deep in the backcourt.

CBS Sports will be with you throughout, breaking down everything that happens when LSU takes on Florida. Lock it here to see live scores, analysis and highlights throughout the game.

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