Man Plays Character Who Died A Year In CSI: Vegas Ents & Art News

A man who spent a year posting videos of himself pretending to be dead has won his coveted role as a corpse on a major US TV show.

Josh Nalley from Kentucky finally caught the attention of the producers of CSI: Vegas after posting hundreds of clips on TikTok.

He can be seen lying in the mud, slumped on a rocking chair, bound by his wrists or deftly draped over the nearest bar or table. The only similarity in every creepy movie is that he lies motionless.

The 41-year-old restaurant manager told The Washington Post: “Laziness is part of it.

“I think it’s the easiest way I can actually get into a TV show or movie, you know, without actually having to audition or move out of Kentucky.”

But even the immobile task proved harder than he initially thought.

Shortly after starting work in October 2021, he discovered that his shots on @living_dead_josh were not only sometimes out of focus or poorly framed, but he could also see subtle body movements or shallow breathing.

He has learned to control his body better, and says his hobby has given him a more philosophical view of getting older.

“I can face death without worrying because, you know, I’ve seen myself die a lot of times. It’s a good way to deal with it.”

He also used it to connect with his family, often using nieces and nephews to play suspects in his multiple murders. His dogs Jango, Ollie and Gracie were also present, although their concern for their owners waned as the video played.

When the series airs in the US on November 3, he will host and live stream a viewing party. He said the video will continue to play, but he will try to do something more vivid.

“Maybe one day I’ll get a speaking role,” he said.

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