Microtech to Introduce Implantable Microsensor Technology at 34th Annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapy (TCT) Conference

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 13th 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Microtech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medinol, Inc., a global leader in MedTech research and development, announced that its implantable microsensor platform will be 34th Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT), Cardiovascular Research Foundation Annual Scientific Symposium Friday, September 16. This prestigious conference will highlight a limited number of cutting-edge technologies that are important to advancing cardiovascular care. Microtech is proud to be selected as one of the participating organizations.

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Microtech’s implantable microsensor platform is the culmination of decades of development in a new generation of sensor technology that can not only be used as a stand-alone device, but can also be integrated into any existing device, transforming it from a treatment-only device to a smart data collection device Ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously.

The topic of the meeting is, “Microsensors: Turning Implantable Devices into Real-Time Physiological Monitors (Microtechnology)” A procedure will be presented showing a device incorporating Microtech’s implantable microsensor platform implanted in the left atrium for continuous assessment of heart failure. In addition to the case presentation, Dr. Yoram Richter, CEO of Dr. Medinol Ltd, will present the technology platform, followed by a Q&A and roundtable discussion with an invited panel.

“Adding sensors to existing medical devices, enabling physicians to treat patients based on quantifiable physiological parameters rather than symptoms, is a critical step in increasing access to equitable healthcare globally. Using a compact home unit, using Microtech’s implantable micro The sensor’s patient platform can provide immediate and highly accurate pressure readings directly to their physicians, making geographic distance or mobility challenges a non-issue,” said Dr. Yoram Richter“As Microtech’s implantable microsensor platform can be used in a wide range of different scenarios, including patients with heart failure, glaucoma, hydrocephalus, portal hypertension, AAA endoleaks, and more, the integration, adoption and implantation of this innovative platform will Provide broader healthcare delivery with fewer office/hospital visits. From the perspective of treating clinicians and device manufacturers, sensor-enabled devices will go beyond acute anatomical repair to extend treatment to life-long patient care.

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At Medinol, we are actively changing the paradigm of diagnosing and treating disease. Whether designing cutting-edge devices to place stents in multiple parts of the body, dramatically reducing complications in structural heart surgery, or providing real-time insights into human physiology through implantable sensors, we boldly re-evaluate current Technologies and procedures and look to the future to pioneer new devices to expand physicians’ physical and geographic reach. Working with our physicians and industry partners, Medinol is creating the future of today.

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