Panama will use blockchain technology to improve food production

The Government of Panama will use the Center for Controlled Environment Research and Production (CIPAC AIP) blockchain (among other things) to manage and control the agricultural production of the country.Other technologies it will use include: robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

CIPAC AIP is an initiative of Panama’s National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) aimed at improving production, competitiveness, food security and social development through production transformation.

Panama shows interest in integration blockchain And Web 3.0 in the digital economy. In July, the Latin America Blockchain Summit 2022 brought together experts from the crypto ecosystem who agreed that Web 3.0 could explode in Latin America’s digital and local economies, as well as the industry’s potential for job creation.will give blockchain.

Even JAN3 CEO Samson Mo has this view:

“We will see the collapse of the fiat system and possibly diminished adoption of Bitcoin,” the CEO of JAN3 and a former director of Blockstream told the public at the Panama Capital Convention Center. With record inflation figures and The global economy is in recession and the world is getting darker.

According to La Estrella newspaper, CIPAC AIP’s operating budget is $19 million from the Latin American Development Bank (CAF), whose main function is to support producers, academic institutions through research and technology.

More initiatives in Latin America blockchain related to the agricultural sector. In May, Agrotoken formed an alliance with Visa to allow agricultural producers to buy all types of products from their own. Using this plastic, people working in agriculture will be able to make any purchase using tokenized grain.

“Based on three of the world’s most popular grains, AgroToken is the world’s safest and most authentic cryptocurrency. Our partnership with Visa makes us proud and shows that we have a highly reliable product that is a must-have in the financial sector.” disruptive change.”

Panama will use blockchain technology to improve food production

Another initiative comes from the Colombian government, which launched a campaign in 2011. blockchain Promoting agricultural projects, plans to support 10 pilot projects to validate specific gaps for each crop in relation to its Agriculture 4.0 strategy, which will support projects technology blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

“Promoting the appropriation and dissemination of Agriculture 4.0 technologies is relevant as it raises awareness of the importance of the sector at the national level and its significant burden on the Colombian economy. Promoting such projects means learning to facilitate processes, knowledge management , innovation and good management practices.


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