Phone chargers to be standardized in Europe by 2024 – forcing Apple to switch to USB-C Tech News

The European Parliament has voted to introduce EU-standard charging ports for mobile phones.

By 2024, all phones, tablets and cameras will be required to use the USB-C connector, the current standard charger for Android products.

This move will applewhich uses its own Lightning connector on its products.

In addition to phones, the rule will also apply to earbuds, e-readers and many other electronic devices, meaning it could affect Samsung and Huawei as well.

The European Commission has previously stated that the common EU Chargers could save consumers around €250m (£219m).

Back in June, the UK government said it had no plans to follow the EU’s lead in adopting a universal charging cable.

However, it will apply to Northern Ireland under the terms of the Brexit deal with the EU, which keeps Northern Ireland within a single commodity market, unlike the rest of the UK.

More about the European Parliament

How this will actually affect consumers in England, Scotland and Wales is unclear.

Samsungapple and Huawei No comment has been made on the reform, which was passed in parliament by a vote of 602 to just 13 against.

Apple has previously warned against such moves, arguing that it would stifle innovation and create a lot of waste in electronics.

Universal chargers have been talked about for years, as iPhone and Android phone owners complained about having to have different chargers for their devices.

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Official data shows that half of the chargers sold with mobile phones in 2018 were equipped with USB micro-B connectors, while 29% were equipped with USB-C connectors and 21% were equipped with Apple Lightning connectors.

Alex Agius Saliba of the Ministry of Conservation said: “Universal chargers will finally become a reality in Europe. We have waited more than ten years for these rules, but we can finally make the current excessive chargers are a thing of the past.

“This future-proofing law allows for the development of innovative charging solutions in the future that will benefit everyone – from frustrated consumers to our fragile environment.”

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