The Tech Friendly Side: Technology Makes Our Lives Better

Technological innovations have defined our last generations as the incredible pace of scientific achievement has brought new ideas, new regulations and conveniences we once only dreamed of. Especially since the turn of the century, our technological developments have revolutionized our relationship with the world and with each other.

Today, however, the news cycle is filled with stories of tech’s dark side. Concerns about the development of artificial intelligence and the weaponization of data made headlines, forming a generalized dystopian view of the future of our tech society.

While these concerns are very real and fully deserve an honest review, there’s a lot to be thankful for when it comes to technology and its ubiquity in our daily lives. What are the main ways in which technology has clearly made our lives easier?

The golden age of communication

Perhaps the most obvious improvement that technology brings has to do with communications. The invention of the telephone made international communication very easy, but the invention of the Internet in the 1970s made it even easier.

The expansion of the Internet network, coupled with the invention and expansion of wireless communication technology, has led to the fact that we can instantly connect with people on the other side of the world through video messaging, almost completely for free. The massive impact of this feat is perhaps impossible to truly achieve.

Instant access to knowledge

Likewise, access to information has become more equitable than ever. The Internet has become more than just a communication tool. It is also a repository for the exchange of information and ideas. We are able to instantly find the answer to any question on our lips – and can also contribute to a growing body of publicly accessible information with our own answers.

Opportunity to grow

Broad and largely unrestricted access to information has empowered many of us to learn more, improve our skills, and take on new interests. As a result, it’s easier for us to spot passions and talents—and effectively turn them into opportunities.

The development of the Internet and powerful computers means that more of us can do complex jobs from anywhere. This has implications for disabled and disadvantaged communities who might otherwise be excluded from gainful employment opportunities in cities or industries that are inaccessible.

This is also revealing in terms of fairness. Where people previously had to entrust expensive private businesses to increase their wealth, the emergence of new digital trading platforms enables people to increase their wealth on their own through CFD trading, foreign exchange or trading assets.

Safety and Security

Our world of new technologies is also a safer world. As banks and currencies are largely digitized, the risk of theft and robbery is reduced; likewise, increasingly sophisticated technological barriers reduce the risk of cybercrime, keeping our assets and information safe from bad actors.

Our lives are also made safer by new technologies. Sensors and AI-assisted algorithms in vehicles allow cars to “read” the road and avoid accidents; AI and automation in the workplace also eliminates the risk of mechanical injury to workers.

a smaller world

Finally, our world of modern convenience is a smaller world. Travel innovations have made it easier than ever to travel the world, reducing months-long voyages to 12-hour flights. At home, travel has improved significantly; public transportation solutions are increasingly environmentally friendly, and GPS tracking technology makes route finding the easiest thing to do.

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