Two additional grants to Morris County small businesses – Morris County, NJ

Posted on September 23, 2022

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Application deadline after one week

And two checks for $15,000 Delivered to small business owners in Morris County this week as Morris County Small Business Grant Program Be prepared to close the application period one week from today.

Morris County Commissioner Stephen Shaw Showed the cheque to the popular yesterday during the visit Empire Diner and PJ’s Plumbing Supplies on Route 46 in Parsippany Townshipan old heating and plumbing parts store on West Clinton Street Dover It took new ownership three years ago.

Empire Diner Small Biz 9 22 2022 4.jpg “We acquired this business in 2019 – just before the pandemic – and it was a tough year to start a new business. It was tough, so we’re very grateful for this grant. We’re just starting to move forward with some new marketing ,”He says Holly Mastrianshe runs PJ’s with her brother, John G. Hoskin.

family business by their father, John F. Hoskin. Empire Diner is also a family owned business, run by Bobby Hizzas.

“We’re very grateful for that. It’s been helpful,” he said Frank Hizzashis son noted that the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and businesses are still trying to recover.

Loretta Gragnani, Vice-President of Parsippany Town Council Grants were presented to Frank Hizzas at a dinner with Director Shaw yesterday.

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners will provide grants of up to $15,000 per entity, 723 applications approved By Friday, September 9th the program closes when submissions are made. 30.

PJ Supply Small Biz 9 22 2022 3.jpg Scheduled to close on Friday, September 9th. March 30, 2022Empire Diner Small Biz 9 22 2022 3.jpg

members Invest $10 million the program, which Open on Valentine’s Dayand designed grants to help small businesses and nonprofits cover pandemic-related expenses, including rent and mortgage payments, that occur after March 3, 2021. Morris County Small Business Grant Program have legs Unique Uses of Federal Funds issued to the county 2021 American Rescue Program Actdesigned to provide pandemic-related aid.

Federal guidelines covering grant programs will determine exactly which expenses qualify for coverage and which applications may be approved.Grants are capped at $15,000 per applicantHowever, business owners and nonprofits are encouraged to submit an application that includes all costs they believe may qualify for a grant, even if the total amount of individual claims exceeds $15,000.

A final review may determine that some submissions are considered fees that are not included in the program guidelines. However, by submitting all expenses that may qualify, applicants increase their likelihood of receiving as many grants as possible.

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Top right: Commissioner Shaw provides grants to Holly Mastrian and her brother John G. Hosking at PJ Plumbing Supplies in Dover

Top left: Commissioner Shaw and Parsippany City Councilman Graniani present a grant to Frank Hizzas of Parsippany Empire Restaurant.

Center left and right: Commercial signage for PJ’s Plumbing and Empire Diner.

Bottom: Holly Mastrian of PJ’s shares a laugh with Commissioner Shaw.

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