Two Logan County students run successful popcorn business

LOGAN COUNTY, Kentucky (WBKO) – Rickey & Charlie’s vintage popcorn can be found at farmers’ markets and stores in Logan County. The business is run by cousins ​​Rickey Hall and Charlie Moore, both elementary school students.

The company started seven years ago when Rickey’s father was thinking about activities the boys could do together and spend time with the family.

The boys grew and processed corn on their own family farms, and they learned how to run a company and meet business needs.

The business also helped the family through difficult times. When Charlie was five years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. Ricky donated half of his proceeds, and all the money raised by the company went to Charlie’s treatment. As of 2020, Charlie’s cancer is in remission and he plays football for Logan County.

Recently, the boys donated 50 pounds of popcorn to a movie event at Adairville Elementary School.

According to Rickey’s mother, Jessica Hall, the boys are fifth generation cultivating their family’s land in Logan County. “It’s a great program for them to go out after school and learn values ​​from hard work to patience,” she said.

Ricky hopes to expand the business in the future to something he and Charlie can do together as adults.

You can find Rickey and Charlie’s popcorn on Facebook or at farmers’ markets and stores in Logan County.

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