Unemployment remains high, but Columbia small business owners keep jobs | Central Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The monthly jobs report released on Friday showed a rise in the unemployment rate.

Although the number of jobs available has increased.

But in recent months, a small business owner in Colombia has found a way to add jobs and find people to fill them.

“I think it’s more challenging for a place like the Salon because we’re limited to people who are licensed,” said Artistry Salon owner Bridget Williams.

Williams innovated through niche labor markets. She teaches at a cosmetology school in Colombia and has found many candidates through her teaching. She recently expanded her salon with five new positions, which took her about three months to fill.

“You have to stick with it, stick with it,” she said of her advice to other small businesses. “I mean, sometimes business is booming and sometimes business is booming. I think if you stick with it and stick around, I think it’s going to get better in the end.”

More than 300,000 jobs were added in August. But the unemployment rate rose to 3.7%, an increase of 0.2%. Economists see this as good news overall that inflation is slowing and jobs are readily available.

ADP chief economist Nela Richardson told CNN: “I think you’ll continue to see throughout the fall and into the new year that over time the labor market is in some To some extent – but not completely – return to normal.” .

The federal unemployment rate measures people who are actively looking for work. While the ratio is higher, it means more people want to join the workforce.

“Of course, it’s always up and down,” Williams said. “But I think we’re on the rise now.”

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